Monday, 27 February 2012

heyyyy! I have been looking through some collections of London Fashion Week, which I one day would love to go to, and I have decided my favorite collection had to be House of Holland Autumn/Winter 2012 collection by Henry Holland. This is because I adore the pastel colors and the the shirts are amazing, it has a very topshop edge to it. I love it!! Here are my favourite pieces:
 I love the trousers, they're really fun and the shirt gives it a 'cool' edge and the mixing  block colors with pastels is brilliant. 

 I love how this is like Burberry with colour and life, the design has a very exspensive look and the belt nipping in at the waist gives the outfit shape.

 I love the shape of this dress, it's so feminine! The bold print print adds great attention to it.

 I love the 90's grunge this dress has but I think the dress being off the shoulder adds glamour and the netting look gives it texture and extra detail. 

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Hellooo! Hope anyone who is reading this is well, here is a post on a style icon of mine Jameela Jamil!
A few reasons being she can pull anything off because of her incredible figure and stunning looks. She has a great personality and from what I have read in magazines and seen on TV she is fun and genuine.

So here are some photos of her pulling off some great looks :)

I honestly think Jameela is one of the best girls at pulling off the festival look. This is because she does it so effortlessly and she also has fun with it, taking risks. Below you can see she gone for a very casual, dark look brightening it up with a boho scarf and college style satchel. She has cleverly created an outfit that separately you would turn your nose up at it but together it just fits perfectly. And the ray bans add a very cool edge! 

At T4 stars of 2011, which I went to, Jameela wore a very christmassy classic 50's style red dress. I personally loved it because of how bold it is and it really makes a statement of her style. I like the way she did very minimal accessorizing, wearing just a ruby red ring to match the dress, a simple bracelet and necklace this really makes the dress stand out., and what a beautiful dress it is!

 When she attended the British Comedy Awards Jameela wore a gorgeous prom dress with a black background and white polka-dot print. I personally love the way it fits around her body perfectly and also I think it's a really happy dress that makes you smile when you look at it. Cleverly, Jameela, has paired the dress with neon chunky heels. This is a total contrast to the dress because the dress has such a retro and elegant  feel where as the shoes really update the look bringing it to 21st century and the chunkiness tones down the elegance ( In a good way!) 

Overall I think I have shown Jameelas very classic look with the 50's prom dresses but then shown how she mixes it up when going to festivals in the first photo. I think her clothes represent her personality a lot and she appears to be very confident with her style which is why she is an icon of mine. 

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p.s I apologize for any miss types hopefully you can gather what i'm talking about :-) 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Topshop have, fairly, recently got out a new collection in my favorite style '90's Grunge'. Here are my favorite pieces from it!

Moto Neon Denim orange hotpants

Club Paradise Vest


Drop Hem check shirt

Speckle Panel Sweat TopSpeckle Panel Sweat Top 

Lurex Slubby Sweater

Hope you enjoy here is the link to more of this 90's style from Topshop:

Monday, 6 February 2012

Hello. today I shall post about myself, how self centered of me! Any basically there's not much to know,I live in the, very rarely, sunny south east of England and I love it because I live a an hour and a half drive away from London and ten minutes away from the beach! Also i live a bout 40 minutes away from Brighton, my favorite city ever! 
I have a twin sister and an older brother. My dads Australian! Which I love and my mum is English and the best. 
My main goal in life is to be successful in fashion, and that doesn't mean I want to be a 'fashion designer'. I'd love to work in the editorial side of fashion- working in a successful magazine would be amazing. But I would also love to go travelling to Australia to see my family and to Thailand and Fiji!
Another one of my many goals is to live in New York, but I can't work out if that's dreaming to big is but from what I can tell from the movies and ' The City' featruing a style icon of mine- Whitney Port, is that in the world of fashion it looks like the most influential cities you could go to and the views look breath taking- everything about it just perfect for the life I want to live. 

Here are some photos of myself:

  Here I am in a dress from New look posing rather alot!!

 In this photo I am wearing a knitted jumper from Tesco- for just £20, bargaaaaain. My scarf is vintage from Beyond retro and my shorts are boyfriend style from Topshop.

 Thankyou for reading, i'm sorry i'm not very intresting, please subscribe and comment to know i actually have people viewing this shit! I much prefer doing long and less frequent posts, so for now it shall stay this way. Bye bye much love Helena! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hello.Okay so I haven't posted in ages as I have been ill and haven't had anything to post about! 
But today I am still off from school so i'm going to tell you all about my favorite magazine, Company!
Company is A magazine that includes a lot of pages on fashion- which obviously I love, they mainly do high-street which is so much better for me as obviously I don't  have a proper income. They also include a lot of information on careers, and yes I am young, but it gives me great inspiration for the future as a lot of the careers they talk about are in fashion and it's really helpful for me personally. 

Recently they have changed the layout creating this wonderful magazine with, I might add, beautiful paper and makes it even better to read! This issue has one of my absolute style icons, for her impeccable taste and down to earth personality, Alexa Chung. And I was so happy to see she was on the cover. 

Another reason I love this magazine is for the value. As you can see at just two pounds you get a really good quality magazine with decent stories and not a trashy magazine rambling on about  celebrity alcohol troubles and non existent marriage issues.

By the way I am not selling this magazine I genuinely love it and my goal is to one day work in the fashion side of Company, I have even sent them an email applying for work experience.

I probably rambled on a bit there but I hope you enjoyed my view on Company magazine.
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                                                       Helena xxxxxxxx

PS. here is the link to company magazines website