Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas one and all.

Hello my lovelies. Here is a quick Christmas post to share my outfit and what not, YAH. So at this moment in time it is mid day and I am relaxing at home with my familly. Having already opened my presents and been to Christmas mass I am already feeling tired! But I'm also enjoying myself very much.

Here are a few snaps of my day so far and my outfit!

I baked a Yule Log on Christmas Eve! Thinking of going on GBO??

This morning at about 7:30!

 Breakfast consisted of Bucks fizz and bacon sandwich! 

'The Perks Of being A wall Flower' was one present I recieved

Obviously I got A One Direction Calender!

Christmas Outfit!

Wearing my fedora I got for christmas. I've wanted this for ages but refused to pay £25! 
Thanks santa xxx


My coat I've had for about three years from New Look!

My twinnie!! ...Who borrowed my coat. Aw who likes her new Beanie??

Merry Christmas xoxox

Play suit: Topshop
Jacket: New Look
Fedora; Topshop
Shirt: M&S school shirt

I hope anyone viewing has the most wonderful Christmas! Hopefully I'll post some more photos of the festivities xoxoxo

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Clothes Show Live 2012

Blogging for the second day in a row, this is a rare occurrence I know. But this post was inevitable. I mean how could I not post probably the most fashion orientated event I've ever been to?

 On Monday 10th December I went to 'The Clothes Show live' along with my textiles class (Perfect school trip right?). Oh and I know I should of done this post nearer the time, but school.

... Carrying on. Firstly we arrived at school at SIX O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. Early starts are not my forte, but as I knew I would be in for a treat I decided that it didn't matter. Next we had a long old trip to Birmingham in a compact mini-bus (joys of a budgeted school trip). After four hours we arrived in, the below freezing, Birmingham. We could of been in Scotland for all we knew as we didn't actually see any of Birminham, not that we cared because we were at THE CLOTHES SHOW! 

Once Miss (our teacher) had done the boring 'meet here at...' and 'stay in groups of...' blah, blah, blah we were let loose for a bit. We entered the shopping hall and all that I could see upon me was an array of clothes, racks of them. Too be honest a lot of the clothes I saw I was a bit disappointed with, it was just cheap online stores really. It was definitely quantity over quality, and a lot of it just not my cup of tea.

We headed straight for the 'BINTM LIVE' cat walk show. I was a big fan of the most recent series, particularly because Whitney Port was a judge- love her. The show didn't fail to disappoint. It included all the final models wearing the the latest high street clothes. It was really great to see the models in the flesh, and stunning they (mostly) were.

After that we browsed the stalls and then headed to cue for the actual. The show was probably my favorite of the entire day. It involved a mix of dancing and a catwalk show with the models wearing a variety of different designers clothes, but I think the designers were pretty unknown- unfortunately. The show also included a lot of males prancing around the stage in just their boxers, so pretty ideal. It was based around the life of a magazine editor, specifically Anna Wintour I believe, so for me it was exactly what I love! The clothes shown on the catwalk were showing the trends for next season, so that was also exciting. Oh an Henry Holland presented and he is probably my favorite designer! 

Once the show had ended we quickly crammed in some lunch (cannot forget about food, ha) and then began some retail therapy. As I said before, the clothes weren't amazingly impressive but I did purchase I beautiful shirt from a teeny weeny vintage stall, I'm an impulse shopper and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I also bought A Candy Kittens top. At £25 it was a complete rip off, but my love for Jamie Laing meant I just could not help my self. After that we just mooched about the place and bought a few gifts. Then it was the long journey home, I was glad to see my bed. 











I look miserable, but I wasn't!
Jacket: Beyond Retro (Sorry I always wear it)
Chequered Playsuit: Topshop (my baby)
Creepers: Asos (I also wear these LOADS, soz)

If you took the time to read that essay I worte above then, thanks. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. 
All in all I had an amazing day and I'm planning on returning next year!


Friday, 14 December 2012

'AS IF' Clueless appreciation blog post.

1995. Two years before I even entered the human race and a master piece was created. I dedicate this post to the hilarious, outrageously cool, super stylish film: Clueless. If you have not yet watched this delight then I suggest you hurry up and do so you can agree with every positive thing I intend to write (well type) about it.

Although this film was released more than fifth-teen years ago I still feel it is relate-able to a clothe obsessed, teenage girl like myself. Cher with her electronic, magic, masterpiece wardrobe thing is probably envied by every girl. Her style is a preppy-cool; so timeless it is still looked at for inspiration to nail the never ending 90s trend. And her friend, Dionne, with her outlandish, quirky style is just as cool.

I love the film because although we all say we're not shallow and there's more to life than money, deep down we want her life style, her clothes and to be as gorgeous as her. It's a fun, light hearted film that has a very special place in my heart and hopefully always will!

As it a very iconic film purely for the all the beautiful clothes I am thinking of doing a few outfit posts based on some of the outfits from the film! LOOK OUT GUIZE. Oh and what do you guys think of my skilled collage of cute photos from the film? I'm like so creative, kind of wondering why I didn't take art?!?! JKS.

                                                     As always thanks for viewing! It means a lot xxxxxxxx


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Oh the weather outside is frightful.

Um, so, where do I begin? I feel as a blogger I've basically fallen off the face of the earth. The only post I've  done in the last month is about music, and as a girl that adores blogging and fashion, this makes me rather sad. I promise to update as frequently as possible from now on. I think I've been getting caught up in school work, this is sad I know, but consequently I am actually doing okay for once.

I have bought a few new pieces recently, so watch-this-space, ha. On this cold Sunday I will be sharing an outfit that, for me, is a typical Christmas day outfit, and as it is finally December it feels appropriate. A 'typical Christmas day outfit' for me is something that is dressy and cute but also comfy for watching TV! Usually I'll wear something I got from 'Santa', who happens to have amazing taste in fashion, who knew?? For some reason I'm particularly excited for Christmas and I have no idea why, I'm just very enthusiastic about the whole thing.

I guess I should talk about my outfit now... Well starting with the scarf- nothing special, just a cheap buy at a price I can't remember from Beyond Retro. I love the floral print and contrasting colors, very 40's. Secondly the jumper- I only just purchased this from Topshop yesterday for just £15! It was originally £26, but I guess it wasn't very popular as there were loads. I really like the versatility of it and you can never go wrong with a slouchy jumper in winter. Next my leather skater skirt, a staple piece, also very versatile, it can dress up a simple tee and the skater style adds femininity, especially if you're feeling girly and don't want to wear jeans! And it was only £20 from River Island, which is totally worth it as it will get worn again and again and again! The boots, my twinnies birthday present, that I like to wear...  They are comfy and will quite literally go with anything, also from Topshop. Finally the bag, also from Topshop, was a christmas present a few years ago, which I still love and I feel it has a very Chanel vibe- chic and sophisticated ;)

Just to say, I'm not the best at posing for photos and also the camera quality is shit (sorry Eloise, my 'photographer').  So yep, I just hope you like the outfit :-)

Scarf- Beyond Retro
Jumper, Boots and Bag- Topshop
Skirt- River Island

THANKYOU! Remember to comment guys, it always means a lot :-)

Helena-Mae xxxxxx