Tuesday, 9 April 2013


This is so unlike me to blog twice in the space of a few days! I looove having some spare time in the easter holidays to do whatever I feel like doing. I have spent my two weeks off doing the usual meeting up with friends, shopping, eating chocolate and the mind-numbing task that is homework and revision blaah. I feel very relaxed and not ready to go back to school.

This outfit is super casual and warm. And yes I am wearing sunglasses on a completely not sunglasses wearing day.. All for the purposes of fashion! The jeans I am wearing are the infamous American Apparel 'Easy Jeans' that I picked up for a measly £8 from a friend! I was very proud of my bargain. The top is a simple Topshop cropped roll neck, I love the 90s feel they have and they go with everything. The jacket is something I know was worn to death this summer at every festival, but it's a very practical jacket to own! And it matches with this dismal weather. Finally the bag is an item I was given from work experience.. I recently did a weeks work experience at a boutique that sells mainly prom dresses, but they also have some casual pieces and accessories. I spent the week steaming dresses, serving customers, lacing dresses and generally helping around the shop. After the week they very kindly allowed me to have anything in the shop worth £40, I gladly chose this gorgeous cream leather bag, which I love!

Jacket- Topshop
Creepers- Newlook
Bag- Mousetrap
Sunglasses- H&M

Thankyou for viewing!

P.S I have edited my photos in a different way, I'm not sure if I like it...

Friday, 5 April 2013

Grey Skies.

Hello! Today I want to blog an outfit of mine that I would say is quite 'me'. Because I am only fifteen I don't think I really have a personal style as my interests literally change every day. One minute I'm wanting to be a girly girl the next minute I'm walking out in some jeans and my camo jacket. I like being this way although it isn't very practical in the economical sides of things as I am always wanting new to clothes to fit my current style!

This outfit includes my favourite fedora that I got for christmas, it really adds a nice edge to an outfit. The top is my twin sisters, but we share everything! The jacket and skirt are items I have worn to death, they both go with basically everything so it's difficult not to chuck them on when I have no clue what to wear. I really hope we actually start to get some nice weather, I feel like I'm wearing the same boring winter outfits and it's beginning to become somewhat depressing!

Fedora- Topshop
Sunglasses- A boutique from the clothes show (I can't remember the name!)
Denim Jacket- Beyond Retro
Cropped Top- Topshop
Skirt- River Island